Doesn’t matter which end of the political spectrum you find yourself, left or right, the fact is we’ve been complacent too long. We’ve let our government, and our elected officials, run the show without much oversight on the part of the average American. When we show up to vote, which too many of us do not do, much of the time we’re not well informed, don’t know much about our candidates or the proposed legislature. Most of us vote down a party line and assume that the party with which we align ourselves has our backs and our best interests at heart. Bitch, please, that’s just not true.

Hopefully, it’s also not too late to rectify this situation.  One of the ways you can do that is ask yourself, every time you hear a news story, read something online, or hear a politician/pundit speak, “Does this ring true?”  and “How does this really benefit me and my family/community?”  And if your gut answer is “Bitch, please.” Then you need to take action, get informed and get your voice heard.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself. And I mean REALLY ASK YOURSELF:

  1. Is the person telling me their/our side of the story/issue screaming their message at me? Are they talking fast and furious? Are they trying to drown out my own thoughts with their words? Are their words actually saying anything or are they just shouting slogans and rhetoric at me? Do I know more about the story than the 140 character tweet or message on a cardboard sign?
  2. Do I know who my local/state/federal representatives are and how to reach them?
  3. Does my local/state/federal representative truly understand my life, my values, my economic situation?  Is he/she voting in the interests of our community or in the interests of a small group/corporation/special interest?
  4. Do I know what my representatives are voting on? Do I know what the bills/laws are that they are creating/passing/voting down? Do I really have any idea how it might impact me?
  5. Are the people being appointed to positions of power at every level of the country’s administrations truly qualified for those jobs or are they getting rewarded for making donations to a party/campaign? How does their appointment/agenda really impact me and my community?
  6. Do I fully comprehend the social/legal/moral implications of the political and social actions I endorse?

If your UNVARNISHED answer to any one of these questions is “Bitch, please.” Then it’s time you get informed, get active, and get vocal.  Take the Bitch, Please Pledge to truly shake things up in your community and in our country. No matter where on the political spectrum you swing, even if it’s smack in the middle of both, you need to get involved.

Bitch, Please Pledge

I have had my fill of politics as usual, of special interests that don’t benefit me/my family/my community, of elected officials forgetting they work for me.  I will no longer be complacent. I’m tired of being talked to in slogans and rhetoric and I will no longer get my news from social media memes and popular posts/tweets. I will do my due diligence to make sure I’m truly informed. I will read up on the issues, I will ask questions, I will engage in dialogue with my friends/family/community. I will find out who my representatives are and how they are representing me/my family/my community. I will make my voice heard. And most importantly I will vote.  Because Bitch, Please we cannot go on as we are.

Take the Bitch, Please pledge and share and tell your friends #imwithbitch.